Meet Bill Poston
Founder of Muy'Ono

Bill’s Belizean adventure began on a family dive vacation some years ago. From there, he has gone on to acquire a portfolio of islands, resorts, and tour businesses that operate under the Muy’Ono brand. Belize Underwater joined the family in 2015 and has since more than tripled its fleet and number of operating locations.

When not underwater, Bill is an entrepreneur, business advisor, investor, philanthropist, and educator. He is the founder or principal owner of over fifteen companies and nonprofit enterprises. Bill has served as a director on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards including the Texas State University Development Foundation and Alumni Association, Getaway2Give, Equity Estates, and Low Hanging Fruit.

His passion for exploration and adventure keeps him moving around the world in search of more extreme forms of hiking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing, boating and all types of fishing. Bill keeps his “north of fifty” body in condition with a punishing exercise regimen and a crazy diet that includes lots of really good wine. While he lives with a “no fixed address” mentality, he and his wife, Richele, can occasionally be found at their home in the Texas Hill Country where their four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren infrequently congregate from far-flung parts of the world for raucous family time.